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Welcome to the NEW Message Board! This is an independently run message board that is designed to be relatively easy to use but also has some additional features that some of the more "veteran" Internet users may like taking advantage of. We hope that you find this message board a useful resource - please mention it to your friends & relatives if they live in the area.

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• All Categories •
Use this link to see all NEWMB categories in a "mixed" listing format.

• General Discussion •
General discussion & various topics...

• In The News •
Discussion/comments on anything being reported in the news (Political still had its own section!).
You can consider this a "current events" category if you'd like.

• Political Discussion •
Please post your Political topics here - this includes Fed, State & Local
government as well as community-based politics such as school district issues.

• How To / Q&A •
Need help with how to do something? Ask here. Have some tips & tricks to offer? Post here.
Please post Q&A type of things here as well.

• Rummage Sales and Auctions•
List your rummage sales here, as well as auctions, estate sales, etc.

• For Sale / Wanted •
Post your for sale & wanted items here

• Jobs •
This category is for both job seekers and job listings.

 • Local Business Ads •
Local businesses - post your goods and services here

• Photo Share •
Have an interesting photo to share with other NEWMB users?

• Freebies •
Have something that you just want to get rid of? In search of something for free?
Post your give-aways & "looking for" requests here!

• Community Announcements •
Post your group's activities here, including events, general announcements, information, etc.

• Recipes •
Share favorite recipes with other message board users

• Jokes •
New category for jokes - Keep it clean, no offensive/adult/explicit material please.

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