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General Rules / Terms of Use
Updated September 6th, 2017

You agree to the following rules & conditions when using NEWMB.COM:


Posts and threads with content that breaks the rules are subject to closing or deletion. If  the admin/moderator does not provide a reason for deletion and you wish to know, email or message Admin and politely inquire as to what the issue was.

Users who violate the rules will be warned at MOST two times before action is taken against them. However, mods and the admin reserve the right to temporarily or permanently ban any user without warning, at any time, for a rule violation, or for that matter, any reason they feel is warranted.

As a user of this board, it is YOUR responsibility to know and observe the rules, not the admin/moderator’s obligation to give you a break because you didn’t bother learning the rules or can’t be bothered to follow them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I register?
A. Registration is required in order to post on NEWMB, and as of January 29th, 2017, new user registration is handled by contacting the NEWMB administrator directly to request a new account.  See this post for more information.

Q. How do I reset my password?
A. See this post for detailed information regarding the password reset process.

Q. How do I post photos on the NEWMB?
A. A brief walk-through has been posted here (click here).

Q. How do I search for something that was perviously posted on NEWMB?
A. Every page of the message board includes a search box located in the upper right portion of the windows - type your seach word(s) in and press Enter on your keyboard..

Q. Can I edit my own posts?
A. Yes -  you can simply log in and edit your original post for up to 24 hours.  However, once a reply has been made to your post, editing is no longer available.  This is to prevent the changing of information "after the fact", as has been a problem in the past.

Q. What is a moderator?
A. A moderator is someone who manages posts/threads the board - usually another message board user that has been granded moderator rights. A moderater can edit or remove posts, so they can help correct errors or remove unwanted posts.  Currently the only moderator is "Admin", who can be contacted by emailing

Q. What is an admin?
A. An administrator is someone who controls user accounts, board availability & maintenance.  Currently the only administrator is "Admin", who can be contacted by emailing

Q. What if I sell my item that I posted or no longer desire replies to my post?
A. If you posted using a registered account, you can simply post a short reply to your original message that indicates that your item is sold or that you no longer need replies to your message.

Q. I see the letters n/t or N/T in the subject lines of some posts - what does this mean?
A. That means that there is No Text within this post - the person who posted this message wrote their entire comment within the subject line and did not include any additional text in the main message area. It is just a quick way to provide a comment that some people prefer.

Q. Is there a way that I can go to the different message board categories without returning to the homepage?
A. Yes - look for a drop-down menu box near the upper or lower right corner of your screen - click the drop-down arrow and you will be able to choose any of the message board categories from this list. You can even choose "all categories" and see every message that was posted in chronological order, regardless of which message board category it was originally placed in!

Q. What does the little ® next to some people's usernames mean?
A. That symbol just indicates that this user registered their username and email address on this forum. It also means that this username cannot be used by anyone else when posting messages.

Q. What does the little  next to some people's usernames mean?
A. That symbol is the user's email link - click on this symbol to email that user directly via NEWMB.

Q. What does the little  next to some people's usernames mean?
A. That symbol is the user's homepage - click on this symbol to go to this user's personal or business page, which is NOT part of NEWMB (external link).

Q. What does the "order" link on the right side of the screen do?
A. When you click the "order" link, threads will be listed in one of two ways - either in the order they were posted, or threads with the most recent replies listed first. This link toggles back and forth between these two listing methods. By the way, a thread is the original post plus any replies that it received.

Q. What does the "fold threads/expand threads" link on the right side of the screen do?
A. When you click the "fold threads" link, threads will be presented in either a collapsed manner where only the original topic/post is visible, or in an expanded manner, in which the original topic/post as well as all replies to that post are visible.  This link toggles back and forth between these two presentation styles.

Q. What does the "table view/thread view" link on the right side of the screen do?
A. When you click the "table view/thread view" link, it simply changes the layout of the board to a different looking style.  This link toggles back and forth between these two styles.

Q. What if a message contains false information about me or my company? How do I get it removed & what can I do about it?
A. Any message that is reported as containing false or misleading information will be removed as soon as reasonably possible, while the claim is reviewed.   If the message contents could be considered Libelous or Defamatory & criminal charges will be filed, please be sure to notify so that the message contents can be documented before removal. Please do not ask us to disclose user information directly to you because we will not - contact the proper authorities regarding the matter - they will in turn contact us for the appropriate information. A special note: Do not take out your anger or frustration on us - we aren't the ones posting bad things about you! We're more than willing to assist in tracking down who posted something about you, so please give us that opportunity in a polite manner.

Q. What sort of things can be posted in the Jokes category?
A. I suppose anything you think is funny :o)  But, more importantly, what is not permitted in the Jokes area?  No profanity, racial slurs, explicit materials, adult content, etc.  Keep it clean, and remember that people of all ages view the board.  Keep the dirty jokes to yourselves.

Q. I believe that I was banned/locked out of posting on the board - why/what can I do?
A. If your account was locked, it was likely due to your misuse of the board.  You have the option to POLITELY contact to inquire if you'd like.  Users contacting the admin/moderators in a rude, accusational, demanding or angry manner will not be responded to and the account will be considered permenantly locked.

Q. What if I don't agree with one of more of the rules on this page?
A. You can disagree with all of the rules if you'd like, but anyone disregarding the rules, whether purpously or because they didn't bother to read them, will be subject to account lock at the discretion of the admin/moderators.

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